Monday, January 23, 2012

displaying and preserving kids' art

I love when my kids bring home new art projects from school, the problem for me is figuring out what to do with them.  As much as I'd like to, I know I can't keep every piece that they make so I came up with a rotating gallery wall for their work. Wall space is very limited in our house so I took advantage of this hallway wall that leads to our bedrooms and bathroom.

~Pretend you don't see the thermostat~
I used all white frames to keep it cohesive.  These are custom frames but I did leave the backs accessible so that I can switch out for new art as they bring it home.  We can enjoy one for awhile, then swap it out for another one. Truth be told, I've only switched out a couple of  times because, well,  I have attachment issues.

See the reflection of the window in the glass?  This wall is directly across from the south facing windows in Isaac's room.  Those suckers let in a LOT of light, which I love but I did need to consider that when hanging art there.  Even though it's "just" kids' art, they have value to me and I want them to be protected.  I made sure to use conservation glass (filters uv light) and acid free mats and backing.  This is something I would definitely recomend, especially for kids art,  because of the less than archival materials that are often used - for example, construction paper.  My daughter made the painting you see above in preschool. She's in first grade now and the piece looks as good as the day she brought it home.

~ Jack's winter cardinal ~

Now, I'm not saying that you need to sink tons of money into custom framing your children's artwork.  You can always pick up standard sized frames from Target, Hobby Lobby, Ikea or even thrift stores.  Then, just go to your local frame shop and buy just the conservation glass and backing to replace the glass and backing that came with the frame.   There is nothing worse for art, photos, documents, etc. than being pressed up against a piece of corrugated cardboard for any length of time! 

~ Jack's 5year old feet ~

~ Norah's rainbow ~
~ Norah's 4 year old hands ~

~ Mounted ceramic tile -  Norah's 6 year old hand ~

I think it's great if you can display (at least some of) your child's work the way you would any other art.  It shows that you really value the time and creativity they put into their little masterpieces.  I know Jack and Norah feel pretty special when they see the pictures they've made hung on display for all to see.

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