Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby it's cold outside...

Today is one of those days. It's cold, windy, snowy...perfect for holing up in the house and doing a whole lot of nothing.

So, I pulled out one of my two pretty pink coffee cups that I picked up for one buckaroo at Good Will....

Brewed myself a hot cup of Joe...

And pretended I was sipping it in one of these pretty pink spaces....

House Beautiful
House Beautiful
House Beautiful

Ahhhh...that's the stuff. So, this afternoon I'll be doing exactly what some people think us stay-at-home moms do everyday...kicking back with my fuzzy socks, my cup of coffee and my magazine. I'll probably even watch some "Days of Our Lives."

Happy Friday!
 *Edited*...So, this lasted about 30-40 minutes...then the baby woke up, the big kids came home from school, and the pile of dishes in the kitchen wouldn't quit looking at me.  Such is life.


  1. I'm already a follower but I saw you on the blog hop, I'm your newest LF follower- would love it if you followed me back on LF!

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  3. haha thank you for pointing out what stay at home moms really do!! haha.
    the pink is so pretty to look at!

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