Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter Egg Roundup

I'm staying in Easter mode today with this Easter egg roundup! If you missed the Spring/Easter Wreath roundup I did a few days ago, you can go here to check it out.  So... let's get to it!
(**Please click caption below image to go to source**)

Easter egg grass design from Better Homes and Gardens~

Better Homes and Gardens

Watercolor eggs from Alisa Burke~
Alisa Burke

Doodle eggs, again,  by Alisa Burke (both designs were so cute I couldn't choose one!)~ 
Alisa Burke

Decoupage eggs from Dizzy Maiden~ 
Dizzy Maiden

Leaf print eggs from Family Fun~ 
Family Fun

Rubber banded and dyed eggs from Real Simple~ 
Real Simple

Fabric Easter eggs from Retro Mama~ 

Sweet little eggs from Stylizimo...not sure if this is done with paint or marker - I'm sure either would work~

Silhouette stenciled Easter eggs from The Shopping Mama~ 
The Shopping Mama

Oh, and did I mention it's Friday? Can I get a Ya-to-the-Hoo?!?!?!? YAHOOOOOOO!!!! Have a great weekend!


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