Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Weekend and a Little {DIY Art}

It's Monday!  After a busy weekend, I'm actually glad to see Monday.  Hopefully by Wednesday I'll be regrouped and ready to prepare for another busy weekend ahead.  This weekend we had Norah's dance competition out of town.  The girls did such a great job, I just love watching them up on the big stage!

We spent the night out of town and got home Saturday evening.  Then, Sunday we celebrated Matt's birthday.  It ended up being a full day with church, brunch, cake baking, cake EATING(!), naptime, and then a little birthday date for Matt and myself.  Here are a few Instagrams from the day...

Thanks again to my parents who watched the kids so we could get out for this delicious meal!

I spent most of the day today finishing up a project I've been helping my uncle with.  He asked for my help framing jerseys for the seniors on my cousin's (his granddaughter) college softball team. There were five jerseys that needed to be stretched and mounted.  My uncle built the shadow boxes and frames.  The photo on the left is after it's been stretched, the middle is mounted, and the right is the finished piece. (with the protective film still on the acrylic)

And now for the DIY art I mentioned up there in the title, and I do use the word "art" loosely!  Maybe more of a love note maybe?  Anyway, it's something I made for Matt for his birthday.  It's the lyrics to one of "our songs."  We have a few, but this one takes me back to when we were first married.  I love it because the words ring even more true today.

I just gave a canvas a quick coat of black paint.

Then I taped together some paper to be the size of the canvas and wrote out the words to have an idea of spacing.

Then I just wrote it free hand in cursive with a gold paint pen. I could have stenciled it or printed it, but I liked the idea of it being in my own handwriting, more like a love note.

I took it outside and sprayed it with some clear acrylic, and that's it!

Nothing earth shattering here, just a little sentimental something for my love!
I'll be back later this week with an update on the One Room Challenge!


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