Friday, May 16, 2014

DIY Bunny Art

Hi All! First, I want to say thank you so much for all the wonderful comments you all left from the One Room Challenge.  What a fun experience that was!  Today I'm sharing a quick and easy art project I did for Teddie's nursery.

When I started thinking about decorating for our new baby girl I knew I wanted to include a print from The Animal Print Shop.  There are so many adorable images to choose from but to be honest, they are a little pricey for me.  The 8 x 10 prints are very reasonably priced at $25 I believe, but I wanted something larger than that.  The larger size options are limited edition prints that are priced into the hundreds, which is also a reasonable price for a limited edition fine art print.  I'm just not willing to sink that kind of money into art for a baby's room.

I looked all over online for something similar to no avail.  Enter H & M.  Yes!  I stumbled across these wall decals at H & M online while I was shopping for pillow covers.  I grabbed a frame and mat board from Michael's and had myself a cute little knock-off in no time!

Cut out decal~

Center it on mat~

Apply decal~

Smooth out air bubbles~ 


That's a pretty nice savings for a similar effect I'd say!  The great part is I still have a cat and dog decal that will probably find homes in Norah and Isaac's rooms.  Three pieces of art for less than half of the price of one sounds like a great deal to me!


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