Thursday, April 10, 2014

One Room Challenge :: Week 2

Hi Guys!  It's week 2 of the One Room Challenge!  Last week I introduced you to to the room I'll be working on.  Click here if you missed it.

Soooo, not a whole heckuva lot happened last week and it has me wondering what I've gotten myself into.  But regardless of whether or not I bring the room to the finished vision I have in my head, I'll be a lot closer to it than I am now.  I spent most of the week just planning, making lists, and sitting in the room day dreaming about what I want to do in there.  I DID get out and get some paint samples though! The middle two colors are what I'm considering for the ceiling.  I want something in a peachy/coral/grapefruity tone.

The walls, trim, doors, and built-in drawers will be painted a nice crisp white.  Speaking of the built-ins, here they are....

I'm thinking about changing the pulls, but I'll wait on that until after everything is painted.  They match the bedroom door knob and I actually kind of like them.  I mean, they ARE black and gold, sooo...

I'm undecided on the changing table up there.  I'm hoping to find some sort of open shelving/dresser/unit with some character (preferably vintage) that I can put the changing pad on.  After a couple of months of keeping an eye out for something, I'm not very hopeful that it's going to happen within the 6 weeks.  So, it may just end up getting a paint job and called good for the time being. Paint and some cute baskets for the shelves will help a lot I think.

Also, I have a rug!  This was a "baby" gift from my parents.  Since Teddie is our fourth child we pretty much had all the baby gear covered, so I was able to ask for something a little more fun (for me anyway).  Thanks Mom & Dad!  I LOVE this rug.  I did a lot of looking around and finally went with this one from Rugs USA.  It is so soft and fluffy and also makes an easy background for my girl's monthly pictures!

The cute little ostrich will be used as a sort of growth measure for our little photo shoots.  He was also the inspiration for what I have in mind as a feature wall behind the crib.

I am so excited to use this ostrich wallpaper from Beware-the-Moon. It's fun and a little quirky and I think it will transition well into Teddie's big girl room eventually.  This will be my first experience with wallpaper, so hopefully I won't ruin it!

So to recap, I pretty much accomplished nothing this week.  Boo.
Here is my checklist for what needs to happen over the next few weeks:

- Paint ceiling and walls
- Install wallpaper
- New light fixture (makeover vintage fixture I have)
- Window treatments (semi-DIY)
- DIY art project
- Cover upholstered rocking chair
- Floor lamp
- Open wall shelves
- Replace or make over changing table
- DIY decorative touches (maybe a garland and closet door pulls?)

Be sure to check out what some of my fellow "ORC-ers" have cooking!



  1. Oh I love the Ostrich wallpaper. One of my faves! And the baby! OMG super cute. Good luck and I can't wait to see your progress... Don't worry, I didn't get much done either.

  2. I love that wallpaper. And four kids? How do you do it? Good for you. This will be a beautiful room.

  3. I love the paint colors and wallpaper. Its a really good start.

  4. That paper, and coral paint are brilliant picks. Can't wait to see.

  5. Awesome plan! Love the wallpaper and colored ceiling! And I think the knobs will look great against the white built-ins.

  6. Those built-ins save so much floor space, you are lucky to have them. Love the wallpaper, good luck this week.


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